Sunday, June 12, 2016

School Is OUT (Finally)!

Well, another school year has come and gone- The 2015-16 school year is now history-

I really enjoyed working with Coach Ashley's and Coach K's WG classes, although I spent the majority of my time in Coach Ashley's classes. The students learned a lot, and it showed in the Family Feud games we played at the end of the year. (Well, for the MOST part, it did-)

I'm hoping to possibly introduce a $50,000 Pyramid (or just Pyramid) Game based on WG this upcoming school year, or maybe some other gameshow type (besides Jeopardy) I can use for WG. Also I would like for this blog to be even more accessible to my students.

To my 9th grade students who I will see in 10th grade WH next year (Bradley, Garcia, Mojica, Wilson, Garay, Dart-Solo, Bell, Scott, King, Mack, Shead, Patino, Carraway, McCasland, Drew, Gonzalez, Templeton, Jones, Monsivais, Tatum, Miller, Smith, Higgs, Cooks, Martin, Rugley, Bush, Ramirez, Stevenson, Deluna, Bryan, Harper, Hubbard, Jackson, Taylor, Thomas, Cerda, Harris, Stephenson, Swindall, Chatham)  I would like to wish them all a happy and fun summer!